Livingwalls Photo wallpaper «Budhha 2 M» 470668

Livingwalls Photo wallpaper Budhha 2 M 470668
Digital Print Wallpaper
Collection: «XXLwallpaper 3»

Livingwalls Photo wallpaper «Budhha 2» 4706681, Image 2,00x1,33 m, Non-woven 150 g / non-woven wallpaper. Color: Beige, Brown, Orange. Decor: Deco / Motive, Image. Room: bathroom, kids bedroom, corridor, living room, bedroom.


«XXLwallpaper 3» is a collection of digital print wallpapers (photo wallpaper). The photo wallpapers are printed on premium smooth or textured non-woven material. This wallpaper is available in four standard sizes.

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