Livingwalls Door mural «Schott» 020012

Livingwalls Door mural Schott 020012: Door mural, Schott, door murals, door mural, door wallpaper, door mural wallpaper, Brown, Copper, Orange, Deco / Motive, Image, deco / motive, motive, Hallway, Kitchen, Living, Office, Sleeping, corridor, kitchen, living room, office, bedroom, TÜR 2.0

«Tür 2.0» - «Doors & More» is printed on a self-adhesive foil. The foil is easily applied to the door. Please refer to our instruction sheet (PDF: 0,4 MB).

Digital Print Wallpaper
TÜR 2.0
Door mural «Schott» 020012
ProductDoor mural
RoomHallway, Kitchen, Living, Office, Sleeping
ColourBrown, Copper, Orange
StyleDeco / Motive, Image
MaterialSelf-adhesive foil
Size0,91x2,11 m