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«Valencia» Wallpaper Collection

«Valencia» Wallpaper Collection

by «A.S. Création»

Who doesn’t love the hot Mediterranean climate and the easy-going, good mood of Spain? In this collection, you will find wallpapers that can create this relaxed atmosphere in your interior design. Single-colour solid background wallpapers get a vintage look from the interplay of fine and coarse surface structures and are reminiscent of buildings typical of Valencia with their warm colour scheme. The collection also has various floral patterned wallpapers. Simple as well as eye-catching floral patterns are shown here that, like the city itself, combine the modern with the traditional. Want to change your wallpaper? Bring the southern feeling into your home with these high-quality wallpapers.

In the A.S. Création Wallpaper Catalogue since 05.09.2019.

24 wallpaper(s)